Energy System

Work Capacity

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Strength Section

Structural Strength

4 Rounds of 3 min
3 Rope Ups
8 Box Dips

Muscle Building

4 Rounds of 3 min
6-10 Rope Pullups Feet assisted
8 Rack Dips


4 Rounds of 3 min
1-2 Rope Climbs Legless
8 Ring Dips

Metcon Fitness

2 Rounds for Time
30 Wall Balls
30 Wall Ball Cleans
30 Lunges

Metcon performance

2 Rounds for Time
35 Wall Balls
35 Wall Ball Cleans
35 Wall Ball Overhead Lunges

Skills & Notes

Focus exercises this week: Clean & Handstand Pushups – Hanging & Jefferson Curl

Cool Down

Week Overview

Movement Hierarchies

Benchmark Workouts

Weather Radar

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