Welcome and thank you for trusting us with your future health and fitness. We feel privileged and excited being allowed to take you on this journey.
This course is structured as 18 one-hour classes over six weeks. Three classes a week.
It will familiarise you with all the basic skills necessary to join our group class programming from Thrivestry. However, some of the more advanced gymnastics-based exercises like the L-sit, pistol, handstand push-up, and muscle-up, are not included, nor are advanced weightlifting exercises like the squat snatch and the split jerk. We can cover that material with you in further one-on-one sessions. We introduce each different category of movement with the simplest version and then layer complexity from there. The movements are layered in week to week and increase in complexity in terms of flexibility, balance, and coordination.
Most gymnastic style movements have a goal movement at the top of the movement hierarchy. The exercises below this goal movement serve as scales. E.g. The goal movement “Toes-to-bar” is build up with Lying Straight Leg Raises, Hanging Straight Leg Raises. Such exercises are generally taught in the same session, starting with the easiest, and progressing to the version that’s appropriate to your current ability level. These exercises are generally limited by the athlete’s strength and flexibility. It’s expected that in the weeks and months to come, as you get stronger, you will be introduced to more complex exercises. Our methode is completely aligned with the Madlab Movement System and the M3 Workbook by Sean Manseau.
We take you through progressions of movements that make your advancement easy to understand and measurable. You will have the ability to understand where you are at in terms of the movement system. This empowers you to make smart decisions when you workout. We minimise the risk of working out and give you a clear path towards achievement and constant challenge.
Welcome to our world of Strength and Fitness!

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