Ready To

Change Lives



"A culture of excellence, generosity and eagerness to learn."

At CrossFit Haarlem, we are obsessed with coaching. We eat, drink, and breath coaching. We work hard and are committed to help our members to get healthier and fitter. We have a culture of excellence, generosity and eagerness to learn. We are professionals and investing heavily in progressing our coaches and members to a higher level.

 If you’re ready to become a pro and work in a fun and inspiring community…..Read on and apply.


As a coach you will lead group classes, manage class flow, provide instruction, and maintain safety.
Assist in retention of members through amazing customer service.
Show genuine interest in every member by talking to everyone, social media interaction and sending text messages. Proactively contacting clients who train less frequent and motivate them to come more often.
Keep the coaches team informed about injuries or other important information about clients.
Organise internal events and specialty programs, promote the use of supplements and other products offered by CrossFit Haarlem.
Assist in acquiring new customers by getting referrals from our members.
Assist in keeping the gym tidy.


We are looking for a Fun-Loving, High-Energy, service orientated professional. We need a team player who also understands that this is a business. In order to give our members an excellent service and provide our employees with a great workplace, we must be profitable. You must LOVE appreciating members and giving them an amazing experience and EXCEPTIONAL service; so they keep coming back and also bring their friends and family. We greet all our members by name and know the name of their cats and dogs. We want the best for our team and our members.


Our members get a warm welcome and we make new members feel at home in our community as soon as possible.
We want members to participate in events because we are genuinely trying to build our community.
Coaches are acquiring referrals from happy members who bring friends and family.
All classes are on time, well organised and prepared and set up prior to members coming in. The classes are high energy, lots of fun, bringing results and the coaches help members to progress safely.
Our members love to hang around because our gym is neat, professional and cozy.


Group class coaches have fixed class hours. You work in a team of fulltime lifestyle coaches and parttime group-class coaches. Next to giving classes, we also ask all our coaches to participate in community events. The coaches are the most important part of our service. They are the community leaders and the ears and eyes of the business.

lifestyle Coaching

As a lifestyle coach you are responsible for a dedicated group of members as well as giving regular classes. You have quarterly personal coaching sessions with each member of your own group and do regular PT sessions with some of them. You help members with technique, injuries prevention and set quarterly fitness and lifestyle goals. You proactively connect with all your members on a bi-weekly base to give them exceptional service.
You make sure that all new members feel at home. You help to build the community by organising events and workshops. You help CrossFit Haarlem to grow by assisting in marketing, sales and retention activities.


Applying in Dutch is also fine