5 Reasons why EVERYBODY should do Strongman exercises?

This may sound much more extreme than it really is. Why?

Did you ever push a car because it didn’t start? Did you ever move a washing machine or a new couch? These are essentially strongman exercises. Moving, lifting, pulling, pushing ordinary heavy stuff.

So why should you get better in, moving, lifting, pulling and pushing ordinary things? Because only then you learn to protect your back and move safer and stronger. Here are 5 Reasons why EVERYBODY should do Strongman exercises:

For example, a farmer’s walk (carry heavy groceries), pushing a sledge (pushing your car), flipping a tire (picking something from the ground) etc. are movements you can benefit from in daily life. This type of exercises also engage the largest muscle groups. As a result, they not only build core strength, but also increase muscle mass, and help burn fat faster.

With Strongman training you combine long and short duration exercises. For example, we use hold, carry and pushing exercises for a duration of 90 seconds with lighter weights and use short explosive exercises with heavier weights. With this combination of exercises, you get a large hormonal response, more testosterone and human grown hormone.

Strongman training is largely anaerobic. Many studies show that this type of work compared to aerobic training is much more effective in fat loss. By building more muscle you get a larger engine (the muscles) to burn fat.

Another reason why it is important to incorporate Strongman Training into your plan is that it does not cause severe muscle soreness. Most strongman exercises, compared to traditional strength training, do not damage muscles. This is why you recover faster after Strongman Training compared to bodybuilding.

5. 2 IN 1
Strongman’s training improves fitness AND strength. In one short session, you can train strength, coordination and muscle endurance. A strongman training can be one of the most effective routines you can do for your health, fitness and strength.