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Macro Cycle

CrossFit Open | December – February | Training Week 4

Focus Exercises

Front Squat & Handstand Hold

Next week: End Test | Front Squat & Handstand Hold

The Context


Energy System

Volume – Lactic

Prep AND Finish

Notes & Links

Toughness means pushing to the limits. In this chipper try to break up the sets as little as possible.
Tempo Training

Warm Up

Weightlifting – Barbell Clean
Good Morning
Hang High Pulls
Hang Muscle Clean
Drop Squat (no bar)
Hang Power Clean
Front Squat

Cool Down

60 sec Knee on the Wall (aka Couch Stretch)
30sec Chest to wall Handstand Hold

Strength Section

Strength Level 1

6 Rounds
6 Heavy Active Hang 4 sec Holds
20-40 Shoulder Taps

Strength Level 2

6 Rounds
6 Weighted Active Hang 4 sec Holds
2-3 Wall Walks

Strength Level 3

6 Rounds
5+5 One Arm Active Hang 4 sec Holds
60sec Handstand Walk for distance

Metabolic Conditioning

30 Thrusters 40/30kg
10 Power Clean 40/30kg
40 Kipping/Jumping Pullups
10 Power Clean
50 Wall balls
10 Power Clean
60 Sit-ups
10 Power Clean
70 Air Squats

Scaling Guide

Week Overview

Movement Hierarchies

Benchmark Workouts