Programming by CrossFit Haarlem


Workout 14-Jan-18

Macro Cycle

CrossFit Open | December – February | Training Week 2

Focus Exercises

Power Clean & Ring Muscle-Ups

Next week: Intro Week | Front Squat & Handstand Hold

The Context


Energy System

Endurance Durability

Prep AND Finish

Notes & Links

Wall Walk – Start in plank and walk up to a handstand.

Warm Up

Gymnastic – Upper Advanced Static
30s L-Sit
30s Planche Lean
30s German Hang
30s Wall Handstand
30s Ring Support

Cool Down

12 reps Jefferson Curls

Strength Section

Strength Level 1

4 Rounds
8 Dumbbell Thrusters
3 Chinups Heavy
Up with buddy support – Down slow negative

Strength Level 2

4 Rounds
8 Dumbbell Thrusters
3 Chinups Heavy

Strength Level 3

4 Rounds
8 Barbell Thruster Heavy
3 Chinups Heavy 5sec Negative

Metabolic Conditioning

7 Rounds For Time
5 Overhead Squat 60/35/20kg
4 Pistols
3 Wall Walk
2 Ring Muscle Ups
target: time cap:

Scaling Guide

OHSQ – Front Squat
Pistols – Lunges
Wall Walks – Shoulder Taps
MU – (Jumping) Pull-up

Week Overview

Movement Hierarchies

Benchmark Workouts